Cruising Yachts

Pedrick Yacht Designs has an extensive range of cruising designs from production boats of about 10m (33-ft) LOA up to superyachts. The widely varied styles and uses of these designs reflect our creativity to satisfy many different sets of requirements.

In our Raised Salon Series, the prime day spaces are placed together with the advantage of seeing outdoors from being indoors in the main salon. This style becomes practical at about 15m (47 ft), and carries up into superyachts. Our Traditional Cruisers have lower-profile cabin roofs, and are generally less than about 19m (62-ft) LOA, above which the raised salon configuration is preferred.

We have interpreted the grace of classic style with award-winning results. In addition to the 27m (90-ft) Savannah, we have developed a 17m (56-ft) classic cruising design having elegant proportions of hull and house.

To suit contemporary preferences, we have developed the Pedrick SportCruiser Series in several sizes from 10-27m (33-90 ft). Our SportCruiser designs combine current racing pedigree with stylish, comfortable cruising.

While this part of our web site is being completed, we invite you to read about our 23m (75-ft) raised salon sloop Shanakee II.